Cleaning Up after a Hurricane: Mold Restoration

Hurricane season has indeed been active this summer and early fall, and there are still six weeks left in the season. While Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia are just beginning to rebuild after the recent Hurricane Michael, Tropical Storm Tara is nearing Mexico and a new depression may be forming in the Caribbean. In addition to massive cleanup and demolition, many homeowners will return home to find their houses have suffered flood damage.

2 Important Things To Do Before A Flash Flood To Protect Your Family & Home

According to FEMA, every area has a risk of flood. Because of this, it is important to know which type of flood zone you live in. More importantly, it's also important to understand what to do when there is a flood warning, particularly a flash flood warning. In fact, in the United States flash floods are the number one weather-related killer. The reason for this is because flash floods can occur rapidly and cause water to rise 30 feet high or more.