2 Important Things To Do Before A Flash Flood To Protect Your Family & Home

According to FEMA, every area has a risk of flood. Because of this, it is important to know which type of flood zone you live in. More importantly, it's also important to understand what to do when there is a flood warning, particularly a flash flood warning. In fact, in the United States flash floods are the number one weather-related killer. The reason for this is because flash floods can occur rapidly and cause water to rise 30 feet high or more.

You Need To Have A Mold Test Performed If You Experience Any Of These Four Things

You likely have heard that black mold is toxic and can wreak havoc on human health. You may not realize that there are many property owners who are unaware that they have mold in their properties. You may even be one of them. Early mold remediation is important because mold can result in extensive property damage. If the mold spreads too much, remediation efforts may be difficult or impossible. This can result in homes being considered uninhabitable.

How To Effectively Remove Floor Tiles That May Contain Asbestos

If you suspect that the flooring tiles in your home may contain asbestos, have an asbestos testing company come out and confirm your suspicions. If the tile floors in your home are more than a decade old, and you were not involved in the installation process, it is a good idea to have them tested before you remove them. If your tile floors contain asbestos, you are going to want to take specific steps while removing the floor tiles.

Signs Of Water Damage

Plumbing leaks can be incredibly frustrating for a number of reasons. They can be difficult to detect while simultaneously causing a lot of damage. To help you find any potential leaks in your home, here are some symptoms to look for: Mold Your first and most dangerous warning sign is mold, which likes to grow in places that are warm, dark, and wet. Plumbing leaks can provide that exact set of conditions, which means that if you find mold, you should immediately start looking for a potential leak.

What to Know About Getting Insurance Money to Cover Water Damage to Your Home

If you have water damage in your home, your homeowner's policy may help pay for repairs. The first thing you'll want to do when you're allowed back in your home is to meet with a claims adjuster who will inspect the damage and offer a settlement amount. Here are a few things to know about getting insurance to pay for water damage. Source of Water One thing the adjuster wants to know is what caused the water damage.