Why Duct Cleaning Is Vital During Smoke Damage Cleanup

If your business has recently encountered smoke damage, you likely will contact a damage contractor. The contractor will assess the area and determine the proper treatment plan to remove the smoke and ash from the area. One area you may not consider for cleaning is the duct system. In fact, you may assume this as an extra service depending on the service contractors you use. If this is the case, here are some reasons why duct cleaning is vital during the smoke damage cleanup. 

Smoke and Soot

The main reason for duct cleaning after smoke damage is the smoke itself. The smoke carries the smell of the fire, but it can also carry oils and debris. This means that as the smoke infiltrates your ductwork, it is lining those ducts with debris. One of the issues with that debris is the formation of soot. This is a black substance that is left behind by smoke during fires, especially in commercial fires that can interact with chemicals and higher heat levels compared to residential fires. In order for your employees to continue breathing healthy and safe air, you will need to have the smoke and soot removed. 

Insulation Damage

During the duct cleaning process, the damage contractors will be able to locate and remove damaged insulation. This damaged insulation can harbor dirt and debris. This can get into the air and cause severe breathing issues. If the insulation is damaged enough, it may also have loose fragments. These fragments break off during your normal HVAC operation. As the fragments break off, they enter the air. This means you and your employees are breathing in those insulation fragments and causing severe long-term damage to your lungs. 

Further Fire Hazards

If you allow the issues a fire caused to remain unchecked in your ductwork, you may be inviting further fire hazards. Insulation, dust, debris, and other fragments that can enter the HVAC system may heat at a lower temperature. This can lead to a fire that can take out your entire ductwork system and HVAC system and put your employees in danger. Other fire hazards may also cause you to have to shut down your business following your annual inspections. 

These are just a few of the reasons that duct cleaning is vital during smoke damage cleanup. If you have a large series of ductwork in your business, discuss an estimate and assessment to determine how badly the ductwork is damaged. This can also let you know if the smoke damage reached the entire system or just a few areas.

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