You Need To Have A Mold Test Performed If You Experience Any Of These Four Things

You likely have heard that black mold is toxic and can wreak havoc on human health. You may not realize that there are many property owners who are unaware that they have mold in their properties. You may even be one of them. Early mold remediation is important because mold can result in extensive property damage. If the mold spreads too much, remediation efforts may be difficult or impossible. This can result in homes being considered uninhabitable. The following are a few circumstances that should prompt individuals to get properties tested for mold. 

Peculiar Odors

The smell of mold is described by some people as a musty odor. Others identify it as a strange odor. If you have started to notice a peculiar odor that will not go away, it might be mold. The odor might be more pronounced on humid days or after it rains. 

Unexplained Illnesses

Perhaps members of your family are constantly getting sick for seemingly no reason. Mold sickness is a potential culprit. Although mold sickness usually involves respiratory issues, some people may experience other symptoms such as itchy skin or headaches. It is possible for some members of your household to be asymptomatic despite being exposed to the mold. This is why it is best to be mindful of any illnesses that appear to recur or never go away despite a doctor not being able to determine the causes.

Buying a Home

Everyone wants to think that people will be honest when they decide to sell their homes. However, it is possible for unscrupulous individuals to attempt to sell a home and try to hide the fact that the home is contaminated by mold. Some individuals may know that water damage exists, but they may be unaware of the mold issue. Their problem, known or unknown, will become yours if you decide to buy a home without having it tested. Be especially cautious of homes that are being sold "as is."

Water Damage

Sometimes water damage occurs behind walls, which is a perfect environment for mold to thrive and spread. Evidence of water damage may be present. Find out the cause for any unexplained stains on walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture. They could be the sign of water leaks that are putting your home at risk for a mold issue. Sometimes water damage is not immediately evident after a flooding incident. This is why you should have your home tested and professionally cleaned by a mold remediation professional if it is exposed to flooding conditions.